Jared Nickerson

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Why have only 1 wallpaper this Wednesday I thought to myself over my muesli this morning... Incidentally I like adding extra dried cranberries to my muesli. They taste so good in their dark red skins, so plump and slightly tangy against the ever so slight sweetness of the milk. Deeee.lish.ush! Milk FTW by the way. Yogurt in muesli is just too cultured for my taste. Oh but I digress, lets get back to wallpaper mmmmk.

This week we feature the work of one Mr. Jared Nickerson. Oh yeah, you've seen Jared Nickerson’s artwork before, you probably just didn't know.  You might have seen his turbo mad colors and wicked sense of humor  jumping at you from a La Fraise T-Shirt, a hoody from Faith 21, something from Neff! Headwear or sneakers from Ryzwear, from freestyle legend TJ Schiller's skis or in Vice magazine, the beautiful stuff the guy created for Suicide Girls or  the awesome characters he has developed for the likes of Activision, Nintendo and Microsoft. The list just goes on and on. Believe me, you seen Jared's artwork and stared at it while a smile burst onto your face and a tingle happened in your special place.

[caption id="attachment_107" align="aligncenter" width="298" caption="thats him yo - self portrait stylee"]thats him yo[/caption]

Who is this design god? Jared is 26, musically inspired and based out of Seattle, Washington. He bust onto the scene a mere five years ago, before promptly making it his bitch and himself an industry benchmark. Please get this - Jared has ZERO training apart from high school art class, yet today he runs his own, wildly successful design studio, Jthree Concepts - kinda more like a design heaven than anything else, and well, you've seen that client list. Wanna know more? Check out some interviews at Frozen Aisle and Vector Tuts +.

Anyhow my muesli is getting mushy and thats crap. So check out this week's Wallpaper Wednesday gift for you, straight from Jared Nickerson, 20 wallpapers to brighten your desktop, yeah thats right 20.

Download all 20 wallpapers (1920×1200) of Jared's newest work here

Its because I love you. Honest.


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