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There's a beautiful voice, belonging to an equally beautiful singer/songwriter that's starting a fire.  Her YouTube videos have accumulated over 320 000 hits, she's creating a stir busking on the streets of Leeds, and we've featured before on Hectique Boutique. Its only the beginning though. This is Hannah Trigwell and she's the spark! We managed to track the lady down for an interview....Check it:

Q: Hannah both your lyrics and your voice are beautiful things. Your songs make us think of  sunshine on a winters day ... improbably awesome. Where does this all come from? What inspires Hannah?

Oh its completely inborn... Haha no I don’t know, I love writing and making music. When I first started learning how to play guitar I used to make up simple riffs and the lyrics just flowed out with whatever melody I had made. One of the first songs I completed was based around a really simple finger picking tune which sounded a bit like raindrops, the song ended up being called Waterfall… it all fitted together quite well. Most of what I write about is driven by intense emotion, so I try my best to get however I feel about the situation across to whoever’s listening.

Q: Are you a trained musician? Did you grow up in a musical home?

No, not at all haha. I’m self-taught in guitar and singing. Teaching myself guitar was once of the most drawn-out frustrating things I have ever done, but it has more than paid off. When I was young I started off on the dreaded recorder and then moved onto the flute but quickly got bored of the classical stuff. [for those of you who have been spared the um unique pleasure of the recorder please enjoy this video - hectique]

Q: How long have you been singing and writing songs?

I loved singing from a young age but only started performing alone about 2 years ago. I’ve been writing songs for about 4 years now, I’m much improved from when I first started but I am still learning new tricks everyday.

Q: Was there a moment when you were "this is it, this is what i want to do with my life"?

When I was younger I wanted to be a paleontologist, teacher, and then for a very long time I wanted to be a dentist. I never really considered music as a career until recently. I would absolutely love to be able to pursue a career in music but I think a lot of it rests with luck, being in the right place at the right time, that sort of thing. Making music is something I can throw myself into completely; it’s what I’m most passionate about.

Q: It shows! Your songs carry an ocean of emotion... so I gotta ask underneath who is Hannah Trigwell?

…When I figure that out, I’ll write a song about it and let you know.

Q: Ha ha, fair enough.... I do wanna know this though.... despite a voice that makes one a lil teary eyed and such, you're busking in Leeds and playing a couple of gigs too... Why given your obvious talent have you chosen this route rather than X factor and the like?

As much as living the dream and being thrust immediately into the limelight doing what I love appeals, I just don’t think it would be a good idea for me. I’d much rather build up a local fanbase (of actual fans) then go from there. I love busking, you get immediate feedback and it’s brilliant for getting the public’s reaction to your own songs.

Q: Keeping it real is always respected at the Boutique! Which musicians inspire you? What are you listening to right now?

Missy HigginsTegan and SaraParamoreDavid GrayColdplayAdeleNizlopi… the list is endless Right now I can’t stop listening to Andy Mckee- For My Father, that guy is a genius, its completely instrumental but I think all of his stuff is just beautiful.

Q: What else makes you write?

Anything driven by emotion can make me want to sit down with a guitar and start writing. It could be something which has happened to me or something that I see in everyday life. I'd be reading something and a line could grab my attention, for being clever or just beautiful but simple, and so I'd write something around that idea.

Q: Whats next for Hannah Trigwell? When will we have an album or E.P.?

An EP under Hear Me Roar Management is in the works to be finished before Christmas. I keep writing new material though so we are just deciding which songs will make it. I'm also gigging around Leeds, catch up with me on Facebook or Youtube for updates!

Q: There you have it y'all, Christmas pressies sorted! Thanks for your time Hannah. Mad love to ya!


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