bird poop, luck and love . . .

I got shit on . . . again.

Whoever decided that getting crapped on by a bird was good luck has never been crapped on. Seriously, how can it be lucky to have an animal randomly drop shit on you when you are not expecting it (not that it would be welcomed if you were expecting it).

Yesterday I fell victim for the FOURTH time to this so called good luck.


What makes it all worst is the fact that the last two times I was shit on, I was with JP. How embarrassing! The first of these bonding moments was when we were laying out in the sun and a bird shit right on my bare back. Convenient, eh? My first reaction when something falls on me from the sky is that a bird shit on me. I mean what else could it be? With my record the odds are good that it is shit. JP inspected the scene to confirm that yes I was just shit on. Now the issue of clean up. It is on my back. There are not many options here. I could struggle to wiggle around and make a mess attempting to clean up or I could let my love wipe the shit up.

The latest attack was on lunch break at school as JP and I sat together chatting. A bird shit from a tree above down my arm and top. I jumped up clearly embarrassed and began to grumble and whine about my stupid "luck". JP tried not to laugh as he again helped clean me up. Nothing makes a relationship stronger then cleaning up bird poop off your girlfriend.

The fact that I have been shit on four times in recent memory by random birds contributes, along with other factors, to the reason that I HATE birds.

The bottom line is that birds are spastic, uncontrolled, flying shit bombers anywhere you live in the world but if you are lucky enough your boyfriend will take care of the shit for you.


  1. Thank you JP You know it's true love when he can clean up bird poop without gagging?? I presume? Way to go


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