Cameron and Madelynn

These two little monsters are the reason I miss home.

My heart breaks sometimes when I think what I am missing at home. Mattthew Cameron James or Cameron was born this October.

I knew that coming back to Taiwan meant having to miss out on a lot of things but not being home for the birth of my nephew was the hardest. I will miss many of his firsts this coming year. For Madelynn I was not only present for these firsts but I got it on camera. Poor Cameron will not be stalked by his aunty every moment he does something funny or cute. More importantly, I will not get to hug him, kiss him, teach him life lessons (how to sneak ice cream when Nanny is gone) or spoil him rotten for a whole year.

I also have to miss seeing Madelynn be a big sister. She is growing up so fast! This year she started school! The other day on skype she brought me to tears as she told me how on her first day of Junior Kindergarten they were to bring in something special for show and tell. She practiced that morning what she would tell her class. She was so excited and proud to tell me that the one thing she choose to take and show her class was a picture of me and her together. She said that this was her Aunt D and that I lived very far away. My heart melted.

It is amazing how much she seems to understand about where I am, what I am doing, that I love her and that one day I will come back. We have talked on skype together even before she could speak and now she will have to show her brother the ropes. From time changes, watching blog videos, reading books together, singing songs, sharing snacks and hugs and kisses good bye on skype (she literally hugs the laptop and kisses the camera everytime we talk!)

I am very thankful for the technology that is keeping me connected to my family at home but as much as it helps to share our lives on video chat it is nice to be out of the "puter" as Madi would say so I could squeeeze their little faces!

I love you stinkyface and I can not wait to meet you little man.

Love Aunt D


  1. They miss u too Dee,, we all do,, I will make sure we skype and the pics keep coming love u ,,now I have to go dry my tears xxxoo

  2. so it took me forever to read this i was having a hard time seeing past the tears. I really wish that you could be here for all of Cameron's frists like you were madelynn however im glad that you are doing the things that you always wanted to do. we are so proud of you and I always talk to the kids about you and show them pics when you come home it will be like you never left. We Love you so much!!! Love Dani Madelynn (stinkyface) Cameron ( lil Man)


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