bad mood

Why is it so easy to stay in a bad mood?

Bad moods happen. There can be a reason or for me no reason at all. I can just be feeling blah. (the rain all day, gray Taiwan weather doesn't help) Sometimes I can even wake up grumpy because of something in my dream. JP has experienced this when I woke up a little upset with him about something he didn’t actually do in reality.

Eventually a bad mood will go away. Someone can help pull you out of your funk but most of the time you need to do it yourself. The question is then, why do we sometimes choose to sit and stew in our bad mood? Why is it easier to continue being grumpy and complain about everything in our lives that is not going exactly our way? It even can get to the point where we either choose to drag others into our misery or push them away from us and create unnecessary pain for others.

Stress can be a huge reason why we choose to stay in the grump, refuse to shower, eat like shit and stay up all night or sleep all day. (Not sure why those behaviors go with a bad mood but they just seem to happen). Stress is a sneaky thing. If you feel overwhelmed with work, school, money or life in general the extra work of making yourself happy can feel like something you don’t deserve or have time for. You don’t have time to sit there and think of why you are upset and how you can fix it. You just want to push it out of your mind and keep on sitting under your dark cloud. The problem is that this stress and grumpy mood then grows, it becomes this tiny little monster that hangs out with you and snaps at others around you trying to infect them. The only way to shake this monster is to get out of the funk. Do something that makes you happy, hug someone you love and get over it. It can be a really small thing or it can take effort but that is the idea ... you need to be active.

So what will you choose?
Fight or Flight?
Fun or FML?

You decide your own path, sit and sulk or higher and higher.


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