what it is…

What is higher and higher? Its the song that you’re listening to right now, automatically loaded when you visit our blog. Its our theme song you could say. There are other songs we love but this one is special because it reminds us of a really special time. The time when we realized there’d be no going back, that we would be together despite any odds, adversity or circumstance. The time destiny came calling.

Obviously its more than the sum of its addictive beat and (at times confusing) lyrics… Higher and higher has come to represent a life philosophy that is uniquely ours. A combination of the separate philosophies that have guided us both to each other, as well as a declaration of our united truth for our path forward. This is what we hold sacred.

Higher and higher is to keep your eyes on the prize, never deviate from your path. To never be threatened, to never place second. To stand determined and unwavering in the face of any adversity, secure in a deep love and respect of self and each other that supersedes temporary adversity. 

Higher and higher is a way of living. It is above all things the ability to dream with your eyes wide open. To dream those very biggest of dreams… the ones which require the firing of your very character in life’s unforgiving kiln. And then willing your courage to follow those thoughts. It is a pursuit of excellence, shared. Higher and higher means to reach for the very best in all things, in all ways, all the time.

Higher and higher is the path we’ve chosen. It is the way we’ve wanted to live our lives for so long and yet never found anything worth dedicating ourselves too above and forsaking all others. Until now. Until the moment when all things became complete. So now we live higher and higher, deeper and deeper, stronger and stronger. It is the character of our love. A destiny being fulfilled.


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