some lessons learned living in Taiwan

- I have a very "free attitude and lifestyle". My co-teacher said this to me today when I used my dirty lunch fork upside down as a stir stick for the coffee she had made for me.

- sneezing in your helmet is a bad idea

- hiding a mess is not cleaning and it only gets worse

- a dirty apartment can hinder my ability to be productive but I can still sleep like a rock

- insulation is important no matter what the temperature is (it may not be as cold as Canada but outside here is the same temperature as inside ... not ideal)

- leaving orange juice out for a long time and then returning it to the fridge does not make it drinkable

- parking your scooter in a sweet parking spot does not exempt you from being blocked in by four other scooters and a car

- JP discovered that maple syrup is better in hot chocolate than sugar (who adds sugar in the first place?)

- a tiny Christmas tree is better than no Christmas tree

- a kettle is in fact a useful appliance to have ... even though I swore I would never use it.

Finally, I learned that I have a Canadian accent and now so do about 100 Taiwanese children. Hearing them sing itsy bitsy spider is killer.

Down came the rain and washed the spider ooot!


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