tis the season

This time of year is by far the hardest to be away from home.

It is Christmas time. Time spent with family and friends. For me there should be snow. For JP, board shorts and a Santa hat. School holidays should be starting and as a full time employed teacher I should be having holiday themed lessons and getting ready for time off ....


I spend time with family and friends via skype. There is NO snow or board shorts!
And no holidays ... I AM WORKING CHRISTMAS DAY!

Yes, I know Christmas is on a Saturday this year but it just so happens that the sweet government job I landed has ONE Saturday a year that we are contracted to work ... our school's birthday... which happens to be December 25th!

So instead of JP and I waking up together to hot chocolate, a big breaky, Christmas songs, stockings, and a Christmas tree with presents all around. I will wake up to an alarm clock, cold tiles in the shower, a bowl of cereal, a scooter ride to work and screaming children pointing at the white girl crying in the reindeer antlers as she attends a school fair instead of her first Christmas morning with her man in their cute little apartment!

I know that this all comes with living in Taiwan, a country that does not traditionally celebrate Christmas and that I can always celebrate on Christmas eve or after work ... but it just doesn't feel the same ... so this is my rant.


  1. My heart goes out to you honey. I wish I could fly the whole family and be there for you Christmas Eve day. Damn Why doesn't Uncle D win the lottery!!! We could maybe book a private jet!


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