Anniversary Dinner!

I think it says Pao!

So Denise and I don't have an official anniversary on account of neither one of us having noted the date on which we started running together....Not to be outdone by our combined forgetfulness though, I like to counteract this by randomly (about 3 times a month) declaring it our anniversary and then either going on a "date" or just eating piles of 葱油饼 and watching a movie (or the CMA's)...whichever is working for that special anniversary feelin ya know...

Tonight was Anniversary date night which is how we wound up at Pao BBQ House on Wenhua Rd. We were actually headed to the scene of our very first date, the legendary 1,2,3 on the same road, but the smell of grilling meat as I took the corner, hit my South African olfactory system like a freight train and we had to u-turn it and be guided by our noses to the delights of char grilled meat at a tiny restaurant with red wooden signs and a roaring fire outside. It almost hidden away from the road with seating for no more than 30 people, at maximum capacity. We arrived to find it full but managed to luck into a table just as a family were leaving... Thankfully the staff spoke English and so ordering was a cinch. We settled down with a pair of Heinekens to await our order (Short Rib, Sirloin, Tenderloin, Boneless Chicken, Chinese Mushrooms, Kimchi and Tuna Salad - all for NT$ 760 and including Chicken broth and Ice Cream for dessert) when Denise was recognized by the manager/owner...The man must have an eye for beautiful woman because he immediately placed her as Nichola Burley from StreetDance 3D and immediately added some more meat to our order free of charge (because clearly the number of animals already dead for our dinner wasn't nearly enough)...

Spectacularly good!

And then before you know it we are tucking into possibly the most delicious meal I have had in Asia...succulent, choice grade meat with perfect seasonings and sauces, beautiful, clear chicken broth, kimchi of the highest order - crisp but delicately spicy, and buttery Chinese mushrooms - while all the while getting the rock star treatment on account of my girlfriend being famous-like! Yes this was just the ticket! A little later dinner is done and I'm thanking our new friends over a cigarette outside. "Do you mind if we have a photo?" asks the owner. "Sure, of course" I reply (its perfectly normal in Taiwan to take photographs of anyone, anywhere doing even the most banal of activities) and begin to move towards him "No, no!" he stops me, "Go get your girlfriend!". Ah....well now I understood. Dutifully I returned inside to get Nichola aka Denise so we could pose appropriately....

Check that localized hand sign action!

That done and dusted we went home to scoff a little chocolate and lie in bed like complete retards both blogging away on our matching netbooks (I've got the blue one, she's got a white)....Its tough being a rockstar...Hahahahahaha

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  1. I do agree Denise is beautiful...however you look nothing like that lady hahaha

    Also, I'm pretty sure I could shed some light on your anniversary date...seeing as how I was present for the whole thing. I'm so lucky

  2. Don't keep us in suspense Cheddar Bob when is it?!

  3. Well when you actually was Polly's bday April 6th I think. And I'm not sure when you too made it official. Denise's bday?


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