He has no name (yet) but I love to doodle this simple stickman character. His big eyes give him lots of expression with little effort on my part. These are just a few I have found on different pieces of paper around the apartment.

Later, when I was bored and bugging JP for an idea of something to draw he said, "Why don't you sketch some of the lines from Text From Last Night?". I do read them regularly and often share the best ones in private messages with friends so I gave it a try... skipping over the super inappropriate texts I found a couple and gave it a shot. This is my first attempt at doodling Texts From Last Night.

text: On second thought, trying to signify she was a butterface by wiping my bagel on her cheek may not have been in my best interest . . .


  1. are the coolest nerd around and I love it!

  2. thanks Carrie!!!
    if you have any funny ideas for me to doodle send me a private message and I will whip one up for you! haha

  3. i know! draw one of you and jp on a plane back to Canada and staying forever. Great idea DT! *patting myself on back*

  4. OR I could draw you and Brad on a plane flying somewhere awesome so we can all meet up for a holiday!!!


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