sometimes denis doodles

One day when we were out shopping I picked up a new sketch pad and decided to start drawing again. I do not consider myself an artist. I just like drawing ... but more than that I enjoy doodling. Randomly sketching out images. Sometimes I replicate pictures and other times I can create my own. Doodling to me has less rules than drawing. Doodling is allowed to be sloppy and funny. Sometimes I draw or sketch but mostly I like to doodle.

The first couple of drawings I have done are posted here. The first one I colored which I usually do not do. Even growing up I preferred to draw and let my younger sister color the pictures, which she loved. But this bird needed the color, so I gave in. This is a bird JP saw while travelling in the rain forest of Malaysia. JP enjoys photographing nature so I used one of his bird books to draw this for him. Once I was finished he wrote the name of the bird on the picture for me. The second sketch is of my new white scooter. No real reason for this picture other than I love driving a scooter!


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