black and blue

The following is a true story ... I seriously don't think I could even make up something this lame.

I fractured my right tibia walking down the street. Walking. Not a scooter crash or even running some epic mountain path. I fell in a hole while walking home Friday night.

It was dark, it was raining (a typhoon was rolling through) and for the first time in months I had more than one drink out at the bar cause the semester was almost over and the pressure was off. All of these elements combined with random construction and holes in the street equals crutches for 4-6 weeks.

To make the story even more ridiculous JP warned me about the hole. Not just to watch out for holes in general but for that specific hole. But in I went. About waist deep on some street I can not pronounce the name of. I lost my favorite sandals, cut up my legs and JP had to carry me home. The next morning I woke up to some pretty bad pain and swelling of my right ankle and lower leg. So, assuming there was a minor injury we jumped on the scooter to the hospital. After hopping on one leg in the door JP got me a wheelchair and we waited for the doctor, x-rays and results.

Minimal fracture to the lower tibia close to the ankle joint. Heartbroken. 4-6 weeks cast. Crying. Oh but we can't cast you cause you are cut up. You will get a splint.

I feel so stupid for falling and bummed because summer holidays start at the end of the week.
I have no personal days left to take leave from work so I am now trying to hop around class to class and teach from a chair at the front of the room.

Also my heart sank as I saw all the hard work I put in running wasting away as I sit on my butt for the entire weekend resting and going insane with boredom. I know that the running will return with time after I heal but I just miss it so much already.

And finally, more than anything I am upset that we have an amazing summer trip planned to South Africa to see JP's family with a visit from my Momma and Brian ... but I might have to hobble around all useless on crutches instead of having the trip of a lifetime.

No worries though I am a tough little cookie (other than the weak bones) and I am managing just fine with the love and 24 hour support from JP. He is a lifesaver and takes excellent care of me. I can not thank him enough!


  1. Here I was thinking it was some little hole... but no. Waist deep? Where on earth were you?

  2. Heal quickly love...and maybe this means more time for blogging? ;) I'm a fan haha.


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