things are looking up

After having a long heart to heart about the intense doom of Taiwan, we did some soul searching and made a fundamental commitment to realigning our thinking. It seems that Taiwan was getting us down in a big way because, well, simply we were letting it. Your attitude is something you have control over, and it was I think Eleanor Roosevelt who said: "Any place or situation can only make you feel like poop with your permission". I might be paraphrasing slightly.

So what changed? Easy really. We stopped letting the situation dictate our next moves, and started being proactive. The questions we asked were: How are we molding our lives, our choices and our next moves to live to our code of Higher and Higher? Are we living our mandate or are we just going with the flow and the path of least resistance? Are we succumbing to a situation and place or were we living bigger and bolder than this little box?

And so it began. Denise has been running up a storm in the last few weeks and is now clocking 10km runs in less than an hour! So proud! Moreover, D's resigned her contract, been given a raise, and figured our exactly what Teaching Courses she will be taking to upgrade her qualifications online this Fall. I've stopped applying for terrible, sad jobs at HTC and other Taiwanese companies and taken our future into my own hands - making plans for consulting work in Canada by applying to a whole pile of firms out there to start just after Xmas this year...(which with any luck at all will be our first Canadian Xmas!!) As far as going to South Africa this summer is concerned, we're sorted. We have set dates, booked our tickets and I have lined up speaking engagements at Chambers of Commerce to expand the budding consulting business I'm developing. Moreover, my internship is taken care of and I'm raising funding for an exciting African Tourism & Art project, which will someday have its own retail space in Canada.

So in retrospect this circumstance has had a positive lesson. Every adversity, every circumstance we can face and can triumph. I'm grateful Denise is my strength and stay through every trial. We are always better together. Always better when we are communicating, seeing the bigger picture and tackling life together even though that means working on our separate but intertwined individual roles in that adventure. Life is on the up. We're back. Higher and Higher. Love still conquers all.


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