At Home All Natural Pore Clearing Mask

Step One: Separate egg yolks

Step Two: Whisk egg whites

Step Three: Divide tissue into 1 ply and cut into strips

Step Four: Wet face with warm water and apply egg whites in a thin layer all over your face.

Step Five: Apply tissue all over your face like a mask and leave to dry.

Mandy is having fun!

JP is trying to contain his excitement.

Step Six: Carefully peel off the mask and clear out your pores. You can check out all the stuff pulled out of your face on the tissue. It's gross but fun!

Step Seven: Rinse the remaining egg whites with warm water from your face.

Step Eight: Apply egg yolk all over your face and leave until dry.

Step Nine: Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a towel.

Step 10: Blog about it cause you can't believe you just put raw eggs all over your face and actually enjoyed it!

ps. I am aware it is summer and that I have no reason to be THAT white.


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