Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Day three started off beautifully with my favorite strawberry banana smoothies!!

(I am so excited for breaky, I am still in my jammers!)

The rest of the day was filled with the most delicious bbq we have had in Taiwan ... not exactly following a cleanse lifestyle...

JP's student and his family invited to us to an amazing Japanese BBQ with what seemed like endless courses of fresh seafood, prime cuts of meat and fresh salads. Although the meat is pre-sliced and grilled at the table by our host who dishes out portions as they cook, the slow steady cooking and eating seemed to last for hours. When I thought I could not eat anymore a beautiful coffee flavored cream dessert hit the table. We were so thankful for this AMAZING meal and conversation with the whole family, but at the same time felt guilty about abandoning our whole natural food diet.

After the meal we could not even think of eating anything else for the rest of the day ... but as it turned out we were invited to ANOTHER bbq! This time it was a braai (Afrikaans for bbq) at JP's classmate/friend's place. We went with intentions of eating very little but the food was just soooo good that we whiped our full plates clean in minutes! Homestyle bbq is hard to find and this guy can COOK! He makes his own sausage or boerewors as it is called and it was my favorite! Sausage in Taiwan is sweet and not at all the same as at home. It was an awesome meal, put on by some great hosts which added up to a perfect Saturday.

Although we ate like pigs and felt a little bad about deviating from the plan the food was just THAT good that we had to sit back and just enjoy it!

Back to whole foods for day four!


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