It's a magic bullet morning!

Day two of the fresh food fun!

JP swore I wouldn't be able to taste the leftover broccoli in the pineapple, banana, strawberry and mango smoothie ... I wasn't sure.

Yummy!! And JP was right ... no broccoli flavor.

Here JP is demonstrating his fancy avo cutting skills.

JP bent the rules slightly and made his own creamy avocado blend which he smeared on toasted whole grain rolls topped cherry tomatoes for lunch.

And I am so glad he did those little sandwiches were amazing!!

For dinner I tried a Jamie Oliver recipe ... and forgot to take pics so here it is from the cookbook.

No worries though mine was simple and delicious. The only differences were I used skinless chicken breasts roasted with tiny thin asparagus (all you can get here) and I added garlic. On the side I cooked some corn as well as pumpkin mash cause I need to feed that growing boy.

All in all it was a very successful day and I am very proud of us for sticking to our plan of whole, natural foods AND for not getting Oreo's after watching thousands being baked and packaged on How It's Made. MAN I LOVE Oreo's!!!!


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