Fresh Food Cleanse

JP and I decided with summer in full swing and my running put on hold we would address our nutritional health as a way to avoid the inevitable holiday weight gain. Going home always results in eating everything amazing that we have missed while in Taiwan.

To start off we are attempting a fresh fruit/food cleanse. We are not following a diet or program specifically but we are trying to stick to fresh fruit, unprocessed nuts and lots of water during the day. For dinner we will eat whole, natural foods such as fresh vegetables prepared simply with a lean protein. Not to sure how long this will last but we are aiming for anywhere from 3 - 7 days to detox our systems and hopefully slim down before our trip to SA.

Day one started with a trip to the street market near our apartment to stock up on fresh fruits.

Fresh mango, JP's favorite fruit.

denise: "How do you know which one is a good mango?"

JP demonstrates that I need to listen very carefully for the ripe mango.

Dragon fruit


Picking a pineapple and avoiding the Durian

Yeah!! Avocado is in season!!

The total cost of all of our fresh fruit was 300NT, which is about 10 dollars Canadian.

Bringing home the goods. There is never any room in the trunk for the groceries!

I am not allowed near the knife for safety purposes. I was on peeler duty.

Time for an epic fruit salad for tonight's desert, tomorrows breakfast and smoothies.

Day one was rather easy and a little exciting as we got to buy lots of fresh and delicious fruits. We spent the day filling up on sliced apples, pears, bananas and green tea. For dinner JP whipped up a delicious fish and vegetable dish.

We will see what day two brings when the cravings start ... this detox was JP's idea believe it or not and it started as just fruit. Now it has evolved to fruit in the day with veg and lean protein at night. Tomorrow we might be allowed a double cheeseburger by the end of the day. You never know ...


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