All packed up and ready to go!

JP and I are ready to set out for one month in South Africa, with an awesome 2 week visit from my Momma, Julie and my step dad Brian. Our summer holidays have been full swing for two weeks and we spent out time relaxing/healing/trying to save money before our vacation begins. The plan so far is to spend the first week in South Africa with JP's dad and family, as well as meeting up with friends. When my Momma arrives she will get a chance to meet JP's family and get to know where he comes from. Then we are taking off for an awesome adventure!! We have lots planned to give all us first timers (Mom, Brian and I) a real African experience in the short time we have. But also I am just so excited to see my mom and getting the chance to spend time with her. A year is a long time to be away from home! Finally, JP and I are looking forward to sharing our life adventures with my Mom and Brian and have them experience the kinds of things they read about in our blogs and see in our pictures with us!


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