Leftover Dinner Feast

As we get closer and closer to our summer vacation we are trying not to buy anymore food as it will sit for a month in the fridge, which is never a good idea. So, for dinner tonight we tried to use as much random food in the fridge and it turned into an awesome Indian inspired meal!! JP made hummus from a roasted chickpea recipe I mucked up the other day. He also made some awesome guacamole from an avo that was going to turn bad in a matter of hours if we didn't eat it. Next, we used the new peeler to make a version of Jamie Oliver's cucumber salad and added some cherry tomatoes. JP turned his leftover braised beef soup into some awesome curried beef. We sliced up some blue cheese which surprisingly went really well with the hummus. To bring everything together I found a simple flat bread recipe online that included ingredients I had in the house. Flour, water, salt and little oil. It was soooo much easier than I thought. We will definitely be getting some whole wheat flour in the future and using this recipe again. It made a bit of a mess in our tiny kitchen but it was a delicious meal that we happily ate all night!!

JP using our awesome vodka rolling pin.


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