I Love Shoes Clean

While we were walking around town one day,  we stumbled upon a cute little shop. I Love Shoes Clean is a small little place (across the street from Moment bar off Linsen Rd. in Hinschu) that cleans your shoes for around 150NT a pair. Some other styles of shoes are a little more. JP and I loved this idea as we have a few pairs at home that are showing their age. So, later in the week JP and I dropped off six pairs that were in need of a makeover. 

before (note the bowling alley like shelves behind the counter... cute.)


             before                         after

We were very excited to get our shoes back and we were not disappointed. All our shoes looked and smelled great! (I am not sure my cellphone pics do this post justice).Totally worth the 150NT ($5 CAD). Now it's like we got new shoes!! Whoohoo!!


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