Wing Night

Living in Taiwan can cause cravings for things that people "back home" have on a regular basis.

cottage cheese
good chocolate milk
cheese whiz
the list can go on and on (most of it not healthy options)

Last night, JP and I really wished we could stroll into a pub order wings and a couple of drafts and have a chilled night together. In western countries this could happen almost anywhere but in Hsinchu your options are limited and you have to get a little creative to make things happen.

So,  JP being the creative mind that he is devised a take home wing plan. Pizza Hut take out wings (where the employee had to bring out the sauce choices so we could smell them due to the lack of English translations), corn on the cob from KFC (weird but good) and a couple of beers from the 7-11.



  1. Man, I know what you mean! Now I crave my mom's potato salad and chicken schnitzels. Dammit!


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