Big. Furry. Love.

He doesn't have a name. He doesn't have a home. 
I only met him for a minute, and I wanted him instantly. 
Big, fuzzy, dirty and very loveable.

After our 10km run up the coast (where I got super burnt) Sarah, Amber and I ran into a friend who volunteers as a vet in the Nanliao shelter. On weekends her and her husband take some dogs out for a walk, and let them play in the fresh air, and open spaces. This big fellow likes to run through the rice paddies on the way to the beach (the reason he is so muddy). He is a Golden/Husky mix, slightly overweight shelter dog. There was a large group of dogs running around the open park. They were all friendly to Amber and Sarah's two rescue dogs and played together while we chatted. This one really seemed to want our attention. Nudging his head into our legs,and licking hands or even faces if he could reach them. I sat down on a bench in the shade, and he trotted over to place his head on my lap. My heart melted. I quickly snapped a pic and texted it to JP. I would have loved to take him home with me right then and there, but our small apartment and us leaving in a few months stopped me. I really do hope he finds a loving home.


  1. He's so cute! It's hard to not be able to adopt a dog when you want to, especially when you know you'll be able to give him and happy and loving home.

    Liesl xxx


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