Heaven Hair

I will never again watch American's Next Top Model and tune those girls. I have never been so nervous or felt so out of place in my life! After hair and makeup, I quickly flipped through magazines for a clue what I should do, as I waited for my turn in front of the camera. The other model, a gorgeous, thin, and much more experienced Taiwanese girl in killer heels was making me nervous and totally self conscious. She was WAY taller than me! I was barefoot and no where near as fit as I would like to be, especially with this many cameras on me. I moved awkwardly and carefully (the hair piece was heavy), and I clearly looked terrified. My hair stylist Jacob and his team were very sweet and supportive. A mix of English, Chinese and body language was used to guide me in front of the camera. About twenty people and their cell phones snapped pics as the photographer worked. Thank goodness for his patience. Was I supposed to smile? Be super serious? Holding back was not what they were looking for, that was for sure. They would hold up pictures or mime moves they wanted me to mimic, usually about 4-5 people at once. I did my best to follow along trying to keep in mind the light, the hair, my face and sucking it all in. I really wanted these pictures to turn out nice for them. The whole team worked so hard on this hair and whole look, I didn't want to let them down. This is an image captured on my cell phone by my stylists sister. (She is super sweet and helpful) Fingers crossed the photographer worked his magic and will airbrush me into a supermodel!


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