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I just recently finished the final book in the Millennium series. Clearly this book has been out for while and is only returning to peoples attention as the movies are being released. But simply, I liked all three. And I want more. (it is rumoured there was a fourth book in the works before the author died) It's true that there is a lot of background information and sometimes it can be hard to get into the story line because you need to take in so much. But, I like strange characters in stories that you route for, and Lisbeth is that character. You can click on the links below for summaries of each (if you are interested in reading them). 

The books are dark and the movies try their best to deliver all of the drama. I watched both versions of the first book on film. I enjoyed the books much more than either film (as it always is). If you plan to watch the movie without reading the books you are going to have a few questions and you will miss out on getting to know Salander the way the author intended. Although, the actress Rooney Mara commits fully to the role and was nominated for her performance. Also Daniel Craig is a much sexier male lead than the Swedish actor, in my opinion. 

Moreover, I like the cover art for the series. Simple and intriguing.It was what initially caught my attention as I noticed a friend reading the first of the series. Being the great friend that she is, she let me move across the globe with her books in tow (after she had finished them of course). Borrowing books and sharing print resources is one of the best ways to experience books. You get a chance to read something you may have not even picked up off the shelf. At the same time, if you move around a lot like us, sharing and trading books keeps moving a little lighter without boxes and boxes of books!


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