the soundtrack to my run

Running without music might be on of the most pailful things I can imagine. 

Alone with my thoughts, no thank you.

 I need music to take me away so I am not considering walking the next kilometre because I am a feeling tired or sore. Music blocks out that sneaky, little liar that is hiding in the back of my mind. A great song can drown out the thoughts of taking it easy and conserving my energy. Music is an escape, and the pick me up I need first thing in the morning. 

One day, I want to be able to run with no music and actually enjoy it. I want the confidence that I can finish strong, and that I won't talk myself out of my own workout. I just need to remind myself each workout that I am already up and out of bed, I might as well run hard and get it over with.The faster I run, the faster it is over.

This is our 7km morning run playlist. 
It starts with some warm up tunes and builds into a sprint for the finish. 

click on each track to check out the song on 



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  1. Ha! Mango Groove's "Special Star" and Florence & the Machine's "Dog days are over" are also on my running playlist!

    I also have some commercial hip hop tunes and Roxette! :-)



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