sunscreen is a must

Saturday morning, my friend Sarah and I went for a 10km run along the coast in Nanliao, Taiwan. It was overcast and cool in town, so I grabbed my Nike Dri-Fit Capris and a racer tank. More importantly I skipped on the sunscreen. I thought if I got a little sun through the clouds, it would be okay.

The weather in Nanliao was much nicer than downtown Hsinchu. Clear blue skies, 30 degrees at 9 am, and the sun shining bright with a soft breeze blowing. So, my super pasty skin burnt to a crisp and I got this super attractive, uneven, mid calf burn. My arms, face, and back are bright red as well. Now, I have the challenge of correcting this before I can wear shorts again.

Nanliao, Taiwan


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