Taiwanese Breakfast

Dan Bin


This morning, I headed out to pick up breakfast/lunch, while JP was still sleeping. I was too late for our regular breakfast place, it's only open until 11am, so I decided I would make our favourite Taiwanese breakfast food for us! Breakfast is one of the only meals where I am not totally lost in the kitchen. With motivation from my morning latte, I managed a pretty impressive and authentic (Yes, we really use the chopsticks.) Taiwanese breakfast. 

All you need to do is buy the super thin pancakes (mine were frozen from RT Mart), eggs, bacon, and cheese. First, cook the bacon and drain the grease. Next, cook one side of the pancake, and then turn it over. Now, crack your egg right onto the pancake. This is tricky and not how the locals do it. They have awesome flat top grills where they cook the egg and drop the pancake on top. My frying pan slopes down, so my egg ran away. My adaption helped control this problem. Then, flip over the pancake and egg together, to finish the egg. Turn it back once more add cheese, bacon (anything you want really) onto the egg. Now, using tongs roll up the dan bin like a breakfast burrito and slice it into bite size pieces. JP likes his soy sauce and chilli paste all over the top. I , of course, like it plain.

Whole wheat, egg pancakes with cheese, and bacon. 



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