8 tracks

Not much for downloading music?
Don't want to pay for songs on itunes?
Can't remember the last time you bought an album?
Me either.

I used to love when your friends made you a sweet mixed tape (sometimes recorded off the radio) or burnt you a CD of their favourite party tunes. So, when JP told me about this AWESOME app for my iphone I was excited (a little nervous though that it would be difficult to use, but it's easy!)You can use it on your computer also.

8Tracks. Radio Rediscovered.

No talk. No commercials. Great mixes created by users. Everyone shares their mixes and it is a great way to discover new music. You can search genres, playlists, mood, or artist. Then simply click play, if you don't like the mix search for a new one.

Find awesome playlists for working out, chilling at home, or for a morning wake up!
It can even inspire you to create your own mix.

Click the link here to check it out:  



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