Zuri is our Chihuahua. 

Yes, we got a Chihuahua.

JP and I have both always been dog lovers, but we tended to lean towards big dogs. The bigger, the better. So, it was a surprise to us when we both fell in love with this little ball of fur.

Zuri is a rescue. Her, along with nine other Chihuahuas were pulled from the TUAPA shelter in Taiwan. Due to their small size, the open concept shelter was not a safe place for them. An organizer in the shelter also has a soft spot for the breed, and does everything she can to help these abandoned pups. Zuri was then placed into a foster home.

 Lucky for us her foster parents happened to be our great friends Amber and Sarah. Somehow after talking about always wanting a dog but with travel it never being the right "time", Amber suggested we come and meet the sweet little bundles of joy they had staying with them. We took home Zuri (who had a nervous habit of peeing on the floor) to stay with us for a week until we made an informed decision if this was right for us. We worked on potty training and dished out as much love as we could to this big eyed cutie who has spent her life in a puppy mill. Though she is small, she is four years old and fully grown. She was a momma in the puppy mills and spent her life in a cage. Although, this does make her in someways similar to a puppy. She is now learning how to be a dog outside of a confined space. She is learning her name, how to walk on a leash, and to come when called. She is learning to socialize, run, jump, and play with people and other dogs. 

But most importantly, she is learning she is loved. 

We knew once we took her home, that she was ours. The joy on her face when we come home is undeniable. She is fun, loveable, and eager to learn. We both melted. She may not be a big dog, but she is the perfect size for us.

* Zuri is Japanese for foxy.

JP wanted to name her Foxy Shazam because she looks a like a little arctic fox. I vetoed that name because she is not a lady of the night. She does look like a wild little fox though, so we went for something with more of an Eastern influence that meant foxy, without sounding trashy.

The South African and the Canadian have a Taiwanese rescue dog with a Japanese name.

sounds about right.



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