10 days to go

With ten days  left in Taiwan JP and I are feeling both excited and nervous to leave. At the same time, we feel a little nostalgic for the country we have called home for the last few years.

 To celebrate our final, we are having a small photography project. We want to document some of our favorite memories and to help us fully appreciate our lives in Taiwan. We have been waiting to go home for a while, and now that it is here it seems to be rushing by. 

Each day JP and I will take photos together of our life in Taiwan to document our last days here.We will capture these moments on instragram and post our favorites here. 

enjoy. ox

10 - June 23, 2012

Zuri El Burito reporting for duty.

Zuri is our newly adopted Chihuahua from the TUAPA shelter in Taichung, Taiwan. 
She is probably our number two favorite thing about Taiwan. 
Number one is clearly meeting each other!

cute cakes

We will miss the adorable bakeries on every corner.

old school outdoor

We will miss the random and often hidden, simple beauty of Taiwan.


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