irrational fears at age 27

Everyone is afraid of something(s) they are not proud to admit. Here are mine . . .

1) birds. Or anything that flies. (Caged pet birds are fine as long as they do not fly!)

2) a dark basement or ground floor at the moment when the lights go out and I am walking up the stairs. Scariest moment EVER. I run with knees up so the monster in the basement cannot grab my ankles.

3) letting a limb hang off the bed at night. The monster from the basement has a friend, and he lives under my bed.

4) windows at night. You can only see your reflection, so you don't know what is out there ... even on the 6th floor.

5) no tissue in the restroom. Happens to lots of people in Taiwan. BYOT.

6) surprises. I love to surprise others but if I am surprised or think I am going to be surprised I have a mental break down. I get super anxious and stressed out. Control freak?

7) fish touching me while I swim and a fish spa would be considered torture.

8) JP pranking me. He has started watching Prank vs Prank and is convinced we should do this too!

9) mystery meat. if it is on a stick, it scares me even more.

10) ET. I saw the movie as a kid and was convinced he lived in my closet. I am not even searching for a picture of him for this list, I am still that creeped out by him.

So, here is a pick of Zuri instead.

What are you afraid of?


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