6 - June 27, 2012

Nature always fighting back

Although we live in a concrete jungle, nature will surprise you.

From roof top gardens to back alley jasmine trees growing out of used tires.

Things I'll miss about Taiwan...
 Hilariously inappropriate store names....

With the end of the semester only a couple of days away it was time for a class party. My students brainstormed ideas and then we voted. With only 12 kids in my cram school we had a 4 way tie for the party theme choices. 

So, being a fair teacher we combined all the ideas into one fun little afternoon. I divided the students into groups and set up stations in the classroom for crowd control.

Welcome to our Superhero Signature Cookie Card Party


For the superhero party of the party the students watched a clip of The Incredibles  (in English) while drinking Super Supua (a sports drink box).

Cards and Cookies

Students shared cookies while playing UNO together.

Signature Station

As a keepsake from our time together as a class, the students used a bbq skewers to scratch off the black to reveal bright colors. They created their own image and then had other students sign their picture.

After Taiwan? 

With the future unknown, its good to have options!

Even if you think they are a long shot ... it doesn't hurt to dream!


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