Catch you on the flip side...

Hi everyone!

For the last two years or so we've been sharing our story on Higher and Higher. We've had over 14 000 views and a bunch of awesome discussions. We've made new friends and we've kept in touch with old friends and family all over the world.  You've followed us from the moment we got together, through our travels on three continents, many cities and 206 of our most amazing and strange experiences. You've shared our ups and downs, our losses and our triumphs, the break, the big moves, the new addition to our familyD getting pooped on and JP stuffing his face with chicken wings....It's been one hell of a trip!

 Thank You for sharing Higher and Higher with us!

This is not the end...

We're moving our personal blog to where we'll be posting via a powerful new platform powered by Jux. Please come and see us and share with us. Our new blog runs on a beautiful, magazine-like interface that works great on laptops, desktops, tablets and phones so we'll be able to share (and you'll be able to enjoy) our content in an awesome way.

Again, thanks for sharing with us, we can't wait to see you soon.



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