party snacks

Carrie makes cake pops and brings them to work ... AWESOME!

And soooo easy to make at home.

Step one: bake a cake.
Step two: destroy it, add in icing, roll into balls, and let them set in the fridge.
Step three: coat in chocolate. 

warning: you will want to inhale these, so only make them when 
you know you can give away 98% of them.

Find more info here:

Veggies and Pitas with Dip in a Cup

Use small disposable plastic cups to give everyone their own share of the dip, without sharing their cold. This is perfect for kids and it ensures that everyone gets an equal amount. It is always great for party guests to walk and talk without crowding the food table. Also, this saves on clean up and creates less leftovers.

Step One: wash and cup up vegetables into long, thin pieces.
(cut them long enough to stick out of the cup, but not too long to tip it over)

Step two: add dip to the bottom of each cup.
(you need enough dip to hold the cup upright, about 2 - 3 tbsp.)

Step three: fill with veggies and pita bread.
(put the veggies in first and wedge the pita bread triangles on top so they are not touching the dip and get soggy)



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