Keep warm and keep in touch

Winter is and I've been looking for some gloves that I can use with my iPhone this winter. Mujjo, and several other companies make smartphone gloves but at an average price of €24.95, these are not cheap. The real deal breaker for me though is that I'm stuck with a glove design I might not like (I'm definitely not crazy about rocking wool gloves) . Moreover, when the gloves inevitably age and lose their elasticity or get holes, well then I'm out of pocket for the entire purchase value.

So I've been holding off on my gloves purchase until I saw a pair of 3M Thinsulate on sale for $8 at Giant Tiger. Well now my hands are warm but what about running my phone? Enter Digits Conducive Glove Pins.

Made of conductive silicone, with a metal pin on the back I can add these guys to ANY pair of gloves and still run my iPhone / GPS etc. And at only $11.99 for a pack of four they're not breaking the bank either.

Get your set here


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